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Beverage pumps

Beverage pumps are utilised for a variety of products. Due to the conveyance of food, hygienic stainless steel pumps are utilised. The range of products to be conveyed for beverage pumps is large. They vary from water-like end products up to highly viscous frozen concentrates. Not only products with delicate pieces of fruit are conveyed but also media with sensitive cell structures such as yeast. The range of applications is huge.

Beverage pumps are required for conveying the raw materials and for finished products within the production facilities for transfer, mixing and loading processes. They are implemented therefore partially as mobile on HGVs or ships. HYGHSPIN twin screw pumps distinguish themselves in the beverage industry with their outstanding flexibility. The wide rpm range makes it possible with one and the same pump to not only effectively pump thin liquid juices but also highly viscous concentrate and virtually without pulsations. The axial conveying principle and low production speeds in the pump make it possible to reduce the loads from sensitive media to a minimum.

Consecutively the HYGHSPIN twin screw pump can also be utilised as a CIP conveyor pump which considerably simplifies the plant layout.

The utilisation of beverage pumps often occurs in batch processes. A quicker process is an advantage for transfer and loading processes in tank plants. This requires higher volume flows. In parallel, however, the NPSH values of the implemented beverage pump must always be considered. Often they are the limiting factor in the whole process. Increasing flow rates increase the pressure losses in the suction line so that the NPSH value of the system is reduced. If the specified critical value for the implemented beverage pump critical value is reached, then a further flow rate increase is no longer possible because the pump begins to develop cavities and gets damaged. HYGHSPIN twin screw pumps are characterised by particularly low NPSH values and a high suction capability. In many cases, the capacity of the existing plant can be considerably increased without further adjustments by just replacing the existing beverage pumps with HYGHSPIN twin screw pumps. Substantial savings in operating costs will therefore result.

With a suitable operation in conjunction with an appropriate system layout, HYGSPIN twin screw pumps are self-priming. Self-suction beverage pumps are, for example, then required when smaller containers with raw materials have to be emptied. Shaft seals must be selected wisely for beverage pumps. Many products have a significant proportion of sugar. This therefore creates a risk for beverage pumps as the sliding surfaces of the mechanical seals can become tacky. The torque transmission during the starting procedure will also create a hazard that the stationary part of the seal breaks and the mechanical seal fails. In this case sliding seals with reduced sliding areas in knife-edge design have proven themselves to be the best option for beverage pumps. The reduced areas result in a reduction of the transmissible torque and the risk of failure drops sharply. Alternatively, pumps may be utilised with self-lubricating lip seals. Since these allow the pump to run dry without rinsing the shaft seal, the lip seals are particularly advantageous for mobile pump units.

Do you have any questions?
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Do you have any questions?
We will be pleased to answer them.

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