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Twin-screw pumps

Twin-screw pumps

With stainless steel as pump body material, a design without dead spaces, and non-contact transport of product without abraded particles, the HYGHSPIN series pumps have been developed in accordance with Hygienic Design principles. This meets the requirements of the food & beverage field perfectly, as well as similar sensitive products. Integral CIP and SIP cleaning eliminates the need for additional investments and expense.


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Herausforderung: Entgasen von Säften mit Fasern und Pulpen in der Getränkeindustrie

Henning Grönwoldt-Hesse

Whether aqueous, highly viscous, lumpy, fibrous, corrosive, abrasive, or gas-laden – the HYGHSPIN pump series features utmost efficiency with all kinds of media. The particularly service-friendly twin-screw pump convinces with a very high suction capacity and gentle conveyance of all products.

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  • "Hygienic design is not just a catchword – for our HYGHSPIN pumps, it reflects our aims. From stainless steel to a design without dead spaces, and up to integral CIP and SIP functions."

    Henning Grönwoldt-Hesse, head of sales at Jung Process Systems

CHEMSPIN twin-screw pumps are the universal pump solution for the chemical and other industries

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