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Twin-screw pumps

Twin-screw pumps

Flexibility is an outstanding feature of the CHEMSPIN. It is considerably higher than with centrifugal, side channel, or other displacement pump types, and can therefore cover the applications of a whole range of side channel pumps. In addition to the question of flow quantity comes that of viscosity.

Consequently, the CHEMSPIN is predestined for applications with different pumping characteristics and complex controls. Hereby, advantages become clear particularly in the limitation of small volume flows.

Cavitation risk does not increase, and metal contact between the pumping elements is prevented reliably.

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Herausforderung: Entgasen von Säften mit Fasern und Pulpen in der Getränkeindustrie

Henning Grönwoldt-Hesse

Whether aqueous, highly viscous, lumpy, fibrous, corrosive, abrasive or gas-laden – the CHEMSPIN series of high-grade stainless steel pumps is suitable for media of virtually any consistency, thereby featuring utmost efficiency. The particularly service-friendly twin-screw pumps convince with a very high suction capacity and gentle conveyance of all products. Self-priming, and able to handle entrained gas, they ensure fast and safe medium transfer.

They enable the most varied pumping and rinsing operations to be handled by the same pump. Consequently, the range of different pumps within a plant is greatly reduced. There are no additional investments, and maintenance costs are cut dramatically.

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  • "Our CHEMSPIN pumps, which can be used in industry for 24/7 operation, are real multi-talents. A unique offer of volume and viscosity ranges as well as high flexibility is available for conveying different media – whether abrasive or gas-laden."

    Henning Grönwoldt-Hesse, head of sales at Jung Process Systems

HYGHSPIN twin-screw pumps – Hygienic pumps for the food & beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries

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