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Hygienic stainless steel pumps

The HYGHSPIN twin screw pump from specialists: Jung Process Systems.

Innovative pumps from the HYGHSPIN series allow - taking the viscosity into account - the transportation and feeding of media in a particularly gentle manner. Because of the structural design advantages, our HYGHSPIN twin screw pump is ideally suited for many applications. It enables efficient, hygienic and optimally adapted transport and production processes for the viscosities in various industries. Moreover, no additional CIP pump is required for "cleaning in place".

Jung Process Systems offers you the complete performance for all matters relating to HYGHSPIN twin screw pumps

  • Individual advice on the intended pump application you have in mind
  • Joint planning for design and implementation
  • Production "Made in Germany" ensures the highest quality
  • Commissioning and service on site
  • Service training and application training for your employees

We are always available for you and provide an optimum performance throughout the whole service life cycle.

Our in-depth know-how, combined with the extensive experience of the entire Jung Group over many years in the processing of stainless steel enables us to always keep you up to date with any new developments and to improve our service. With success: We expand with "Hyghspeed", with our own sales and distribution partners and a worldwide networked structure for sales and distribution.

CIP cleaning

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Product handling

Comparison: Product handling

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CHEMSPIN – Die neue Pumpenserie

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Herausforderung: wechselnde Rohstoffe in der Food-Industrie

Herausforderung: wechselnde Rohstoffe in der Food-Industrie

Jung Process Systems: The Film

Jung Process Systems: The Film


Internationally certified according to
EHEDG, 3-A (USA) and Atex.

3-in-1 Technology: Feeding, Conveying
and cleaning with just one pump

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