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Twin-screw pumps

Twin-screw pumps

Jung Process Systems:  Know-how appreciated worldwide for design and production "Made in Germany".

Our attention is always focussed on the individual and special requirements of our customers from a wide range of industries. Of course, this mindset is already applied during development and design of our HYGHSPIN twin-screw pumps.

Special requirements demand customized solutions

Not only are we able to provide expert consultation when selecting the perfect pump solution from our HYGHSPIN series, we can also provide customized versions with adapted or new components in accordance with the viscosity of your medium. Topics such as hygienic design or EHEDG are a matter of course, just like CIP (clean in place) and SIP (sterilisation in place) without the need for an additional pump.

Similarly, when special application requirements must be met, such as heated pump inlet, special materials, or special inlet flanges for connection to a barrel emptying system, our experienced design and development engineers are the right partners for you. Moreover, we have the expertise that you need when planning the pumping system of your overall plant, and if necessary, we provide competent consultation and system solutions, e.g. for mobile units with on-site control for emptying tank trucks.

In-house design and production 

In the next step, you benefit from our in-house manufacture of the optimally designed product for you – Made in Germany. Short paths ensure smooth process operations from planning and design up to the perfectly matched production of the pumps.

Top quality during the entire procedure – that's what Jung Process Systems stands for

The extremely high quality demands of Jung Process Systems are always clearly visible in design and development:

  • Our competent development team is backed by many years of experience with pumps, and knows the individual requirements of the different industrial sectors
  • Our intentional concentration on hygienic twin-screw pumps ensures deep penetration of the technology and the applications
  • Designs are made using 3D volume modelling as well as finite element analysis for components and flow simulations of the complete unit
  • Verification of the simulation with test runs
  • Close intermeshing between design and production ensures short delivery times and top quality – individual adaptations to customer requirements are possible

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