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Twin-screw pumps

Twin-screw pumps

Free-standing vertical inline pump for space problems

Lack of space is a major problem for many companies. Due to limited installation space, it is often difficult to integrate positive displacement pumps into a new or existing installations. Our HYGHSPIN and CHEMSPIN vertical inline screw pumps effectively solve this problem. The special block design enables free vertical installation in the room possible without lateral structures for horizontally running pipelines.

Pump and motor shaft are centred by geometry and cannot move. Problems caused by unaligned or strained couplings are avoided. Thus, our screw pumps in block design can also be mounted vertically free-standing on the front cover like multistage centrifugal pumps. This assures an easy integration into an existing system.

The footprint is reduced by up to 70 % with vertical installation compared to other pump types. The designed front cover is essentially the difference to the well-known horizontal pumps. This makes it possible to retrofit existing pumps if changes in the system require it.

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