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Twin screw pump HYGHSPIN - the efficient solution for flow capable products

Gentle product conveyance plus CIP with only one pump.

The HYGHSPIN is the basic model from the worldwide tried and tested HYGHSPIN pump series made of high-quality stainless steel. Whether aqueous, highly viscous, lumpy, fibrous or gas loaded - the HYGHSPIN is suitable for flow capable products of virtually any consistency and therefore is characterised by its high efficiency. The particularly service-friendly twin screw pump impresses with a very high suction power and gently transports all flow capable products in volumes of up to 300 m3/h. An additional pump for CIP cleaning is therefore not necessary: A considerable time and cost saving due to reduced investment and maintenance costs is thereby guaranteed.

The HYGHSPIN stands for maximum flexibility and is available as a block design or with a free shaft end.

The HYGHSPIN is available as a 50, 70, 90 and 125. The maximum conveying rate is approximately 300 m³/h. The delivery pressure can be up to 35 bar.


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The advantages at a glance
  • Considerable cost savings
    Reduced investment, maintenance and service costs
  • Top quality
    Manufactured completely of stainless steel
  • Exceptionally easy to service
    The pump does not have to be removed from the system for service and maintenance works
  • Highest flexibility
    Various products, viscosities and volumes can be conveyed with just one pump
  • Gentle to products and uniform conveying
    Low speed, minimum pulsation, no pressure impact
  • Highest hygiene level
    No cavities and particularly good rinsing for the shaft seal
  • CIP and SIP
    Cleaning and sterilising within the system, application as CIP-Conveying pump
Technical Data / Capability characteristics
Max. pump capacity20 m3/h40 m3/h100 m3/h300 m3/h
Max. differential pressure 20 bar25 bar30 bar35 bar
Maximum ø solid material16 (25) mm20 (30) mm28 (45) mm45 (67) mm
Suction capability
NPSHr > 0.5 m, suction heights of up to 9 m are possible

Viscosity0.5–1,000,000 mPas, higher values on consultation
Operation temperature–10 to 180° C, higher values on request
Cleaningfully CIP-capable (cleaning in place) in the system
SterilisationSIP in the system with steam or hot water
Wetted parts1.4404, 1.4539 or 1.4462 as an option, other materials on request
ElastomersHNBR, FPM, EPDM, FFPM, FDA-approvals, other elastomers on request
Shaft sealssingle- and double-acting mechanical seals, with knife edge for adhesive media to avoid start up damage, single-acting safe-to-run dry lip seals
Pump orientationhorizontal, vertical or lateral, INLINE models are possible
Connectionsdifferent sizes and connector standards by arrangement
Designscompact robust block design for all sizes, with bare shaft for sizes 70, 90 and 125
Drivesthree-phase, gear or servo motors, hygienic drives in stainless steel as an option


Performance data depending on the pump configuration, temperatures depending on speed, pressure and choice of elastomers

Do you have any questions?
We will be pleased to answer them.

Do you have any questions?
We will be pleased to answer them.

+49 4101 7958-140


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